I came back to Paris for the second time hoping to find an answer, I’m always looking anyways... 
Paris has the perfect food, the perfect art, the perfect smell, maybe one of the best personalities one country has to offer.The people are both humble and cocky, let’s just say that they are proud of the good things they have created, perfumes, refined foods, celebrated artists,sculptors,painters, musicians, kings, queens etc. You could almost feel this on the air. 
I can say that my first time coming here was magical. I never imagined a city so dynamic and relaxed, in comparison to London where the city is more uptight and serious. 
Paris surprised me with a dirty and chaotic Quartier, gare du nord is not something that you look for when coming from the well presented London but there was nothing to worry about after all South America where I'm from is not for the faint hearted, so I took the adventure nicely... 
After some days roaming around Paris I came to realised that, the chaotic poetry of the city was just there to stay.... so after 3 days I feel in love with it. 
It’s a pragmatic love where you have to give to receive, but sometimes you receive more than what you give. It’s a lady that looks at you and say hey, you want me? Earn me but don’t work so hard to get me as I’m almost yours... 
Mon petite patisseries.. 
They are wonderful, full of desserts, macarons, chocolates, honestly one is better that the other... from the humble to the most glamorous and viceversa. 
I found that those famous chefs, like Pierre Herme, and Michalak has gone so modern that in my eyes have lost that royal touch that all the accomplished desserts should have. Anyways I enjoyed them very much ! 
I understand the complexity of the new era and the challenges of the new generation that brings with them. But come on paris you should educate people, challenge them and make them understand that a good dessert is not an lollipop filed popping candy and looking like fake ice cream. It must be royal . After all it was from your streets that it was all born. 
My inspiration. 
It may never come for what desert or pastry I tried and which tasted better, nor which chef is more famous than the other but mainly for what is left of those ancient chef that worked their asses to create majesty dessert and confectionary and leave us their legacy. Maybe what pouchkine did 15 years ago. 
I now understand what I’m looking on your streets paris and you ? 
by Daniel Garcia 
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