Last month we had the opportunity to give the most amazing macaron workshop in our Isle of dogs bakery to some of our most loved customers. They did not only make macarons of their own but made a pyramid of macarons and a french dessert, finally we wrapped it up with a glass of bubbles and a certificate at the end of the course. 
At the beginning of macaron course we offered a complimentary breakfast full of homemade scones, clotted cream and strawberry conserve to start off the day along with coffee and tea because there is nothing worse than start a course with an empty stomach. 
As the day passed and I was giving the class, I couldn't help noticing the sudden interest of all the participants to get hands on. I could even feel a competitive flair in the air. 
I divided the group in teams, Team A and Team B. Team A got to do the Ferrero Rocher macarons and the madagascan vanilla ganache while team B got to do the vanilla macarons and the Ferrero Rocher ganache and me on the other hand had to do the raspberry mini macarons. 
The students were impressed by how easy the demonstration looked and were concerned as if they could deliver the same results, but as i explained to them; if they managed to do what I was doing everything will workout at the end. And so they did. All macarons were perfect I was so proud. 
Now it was time for them to show me their artistic flair, so I asked them to plate a medium size macaron dessert using berries and other fruits and also a nice creme anglaise that we did before. 
The results were fantastic, all of them had what it takes to present a beautiful french dessert. 
Finally it was time to do the last task of the workshop… the macaron pyramid. 
I gathered all the macarons we made and filled and gave some to all the students, they had to build up a pyramid using royal icing and sticking the macarons one by one. I have to admit that this task is not easy but my students delivered great results. 
After a nervous end we took pictures of the master pieces everyone created, I don't think they believed what they did yet. 
For the first time in this location the workshop was fantastic, we all had a lot of fun and we all learned a lot and of course bubbles at the end … cheers!! 
by Daniel Garcia 
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